Attila Burka


·   Gold Medal graduate of University of Manitoba, Faculty of Architecture, 1966.
·   First prizes of international student competitions in 1965 and 1966.
·   OAA registered in 1971.
·   Private practice from  1971
·   CMHC house design prize 1971
·   Ontario Housing Corporation competition winner in 1971,  (project built).
·   450 buildings designed and built from 1971 to 2014.
·   6  SAM awards for best residential buildings.
·  Several Urban design awards in Toronto area 1975 to 2014.
·   International Design awards for unique housing, by “Habitation Space” Switzerland.,1978.
·   Housing design consultant in Hungary, Croatia, USA, Russia, Ukraine, China and Taiwan. 1973 to 2008.
·  25 buildings designed and built in Beijing China as International competition winner. 2004 to 2008.
·   “Best Skyscraper” of the world award by Emporis New York and CTBUH Chicago 2012 , for the
.   Marylin Monroe” building in Mississauga.
·   Current large scale redesign of Woodbine Centre  with G. Bodor architect.
·   Current large scale Mixed Use Project at Yonge and Bernard,  in Richmond Hill for North Elgin Centre with G. Bodor Arch.
·   Retired from active design for construction in 2014.
·   Still active as “Design Consultant” for other designers, architects and developers to formulate design,
.   marketing and feasibility studies  for executive objectives.
.    Retired From active new construction projects in 2014.
.    Active as "Design Consultant" Currently  

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