Purpose of this website.

Drawings and design tools are for reference only.
Drawings and design tools herein provide opportunity to make alterations to existing buildings.
Drawings and tools herein promote knowledge imbedded in them accumulated by Burka over the past five decades to be referenced or incorporated into new project by future generations.
Projects herein may serve as samples in the design of future buildings of similar nature.
Drawings herein are precise “as built” conditions accurately representing the codes and rules of the times and region.
Legal information.
Drawings and design tools herein are the property of BURKA ARCHITECTS INC.
Attila Burka is SOLE OWNER of Burka Architects Inc.
Projects shown on this site are existing, built projects complying to all relevant codes and standards of the times and location, which may not apply to a revised codes and locations contemplated in a new application today.
The ownership of drawings belong to the architect (Burka Architects Inc), the ownership of the built buildings belong to the builder or condominium corporations or individual purchasers who have no ownership rights to the design or the drawings.
Copyright of the designs are the property of the architect (Burka Architects Inc.)
Design concepts or parts incorporated into new designs by others are transferred to the new designer architect by Burka Architects when purchased through this site to the extent described below.
Parts and ideas incorporated from CAD drawings purchased through this site are permitted but an entire building is not to be replicated without externally visible design changes.
If Attila Burka is consulted about the extent of changes to these drawings, his name MAY be used as “Design Consultant” if the new architect so chooses.

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