The James Cooper Mansion is a desig­ nated heritage building at the intersec­ tion of Sherbourne and Linden streets within 150 metres of a subway station. The neighbourhood is an established low-rise district surrounded by high intensity urban development all around. In its overall context, this site was eminently suitable for intensifica­ tion particularly in view of the need for the preservation and refurbishing requirements of the historic mansion.

A slender high-rise tower, placed on a three-storey podium, was located on this site and shaped so as to create building profiles and shadow patterns with the minimum impact to sensitive areas in the neighbourhood.

The existing mansion was moved in its entirety to the street corner to reinforce its historic relationship to other mansions along Sherbourne Street.

The three storey podium has been designed to continue the massing, materials and proportions of the mansion, interpreting its building components in a similar but modern vocabulary. This podium also serves as the transitional component connect­ ing the project to the adjacent existing houses and streetscape.

The tower is designed with light and reflective surfaces in order to redirect sunlight to the tree lined street. The project is designed to be energy efficient to LEED standards.

Client: Tridel

Site area: 2365 m2

GFA (gross floor area): 23024 m2

FSI (floor space index): 9.73

Number of storeys: 32

Number of units: 270

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